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Note: I've updated the game since the jam, you can download the previous version here.

This is a wonky physics game about colorful chains swinging from the ceiling, where the player has little time to decide which chains to cut and where.

In other words, the game is about quickly reacting to chains. You know, chain-reaction. That's clearly what Lana and the Azure team meant right? ;)

(I'm terribly sorry. I also have that condition.)

The goal is to land red, green and blue links in the matching lanes in the bottom. You can tap links to cut them (except grey ones) and they will fall... hopefully in the right lane. If you land a link in the right lane, you get 2 points, if you land one in the wrong lane, you lose 1 point. Landing yellow or grey chains in any lane won't affect your score.

There are 3 game modes, the objective is to rack up 10, 50 or 100 points as fast as possible. If you feel like it, you can submit your time to online leaderboards (all time, weekly and daily ones) powered by PlayFab.

Unfortunately I haven't had time to add a leaderboard viewing option in the game, but you can view the leaderboards here.

Hotkeys: you can restart the game by pressing R and toggle full screen mode by pressing F.

During the jam I kept progress in the  devlog and a Github repo (not with the source code, but the exported HTML5 game) in accordance with the jam rules.

Release date Sep 13, 2021
Made withConstruct
TagsPhysics, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsMouse, Touchscreen


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