Gravity Unlocked

a 2D platformer with varying levels of gravity and frustration

I've made the first version of this game for My First Game Jam: Winter 2021. Since it has been updated with a title screen and touchscreen input support.

It's a 2D side-scrolling platformer, where you control a ball of rock. You have to pick up crystals - there's only one that's visible at a time, after you pick it up, a new one will spawn somewhere on the level until you collect them all. You can also pick up gold, silver and bronze coins but you can't do anything with them yet (an item shop is in the works).

Did I mention that the gravity is changing all the time? That's kind of important. But you'll notice it immediately. There's also a gauge in the top right corner which shows the current gravity level. 99 means everything is "normal" and you can move left or right and jump up. -99 means the gravity is "inverted", you're on the ceiling, can still move left or right but you jump down. At 0 you are floating in zero gravity and you can also move up and down, but you can't jump. Actually between -10 and 10 you can move in all 4 directions, but you can only jump between -99 and -10 or 10 and 99. The speed of the gravity gauge is also speeding up with time.

There are potions you can pick up and activate later. All potions lock the gravity for 10 seconds and then reset the frequency the  gravity is changing.

  • The purple potion just locks the gravity at the current level, whatever it is.
  • The red potion sets the gravity to "normal", so you fall downwards and can jump upwards.
  • The green potion sets the gravity to "inverted", so you fall upwards and can jump downwards.
  • The yellow potion sets the gravity to zero; you can't jump, but you can move in all directions freely.

Keyboard controls:

  • [←] / [→]: move left/right
  • [↑] / [↓]: move up/down (in low gravity only)
  • [Space]: jump (in high gravity only)
  • [1] / [2] / [3] / [4]: use one red/yellow/green/purple potion
  • [C]: not very useful developer console

Touchscreen controls:

Use the on-screen "analog" joystick at the bottom left to move around, the on-screen button at the bottom right to jump, tap icons at the top bar to activate items.

Encountered a bug? You like it? You hate it? Please leave a comment. There's also a devlog here.

Special thanks & additional credits

Sound effects were created with ChipTone by SFB Games. It's an awesome tool.

Graphics were based on the amazing Dungeon Platformer Tileset created by Rotting Pixels.

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Tags2D, Gravity, Physics, Singleplayer, Zero Gravity

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