This is my entry for ScoreSpace Jam #15, a kinda-3D action game where you control a single bullet by steering it left/right and changing its altitude. Your goal is to shoot off the hat of cowboys, break bottles and pick up gold coins.

Controls: press W/A/S/D to control bullet movement, and 1/2/3 to select between camera angles. Yeah, a crucial point of this was to try out the new 3D Camera plugin in Construct 3.

I may continue development post-jam, check out the devlog and maybe this Trello board to keep up with the project.

Please use Chrome/Chromium with hardware acceleration for best experience.


StatusIn development
Release date Sep 20, 2021
AuthorsFodi, Teebor9
Made withConstruct
Tags3D, Minimalist, Voxel
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Development log

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This was a real blast, I managed to get all the hats but the bottles and tight rooms got to me. Thanks for the great experience ;D

Would also be nice if there was a counter for the number of rebounds left.

Thanks for playing, that's a very respectable score! :) The ricochet counter is going on the todo list, thanks!