Yep, another one

Hi there.

I'm joining ScoreSpace Jam #15, the plan is to make a puzzle/action game where a single bullet is traversing a level made up of various obstacles, bouncing around and going through stuff. I'm working on implementing the basics, mechanics are still not figured out exactly, but stay tuned.

I'd like to use the new 3D camera plugin in Construct 3 if it makes sense; at the moment I've implemented a basic top down view (default at start, or press 0), a first person view (press 1) and third person view (press 3). If the gameplay will be focused on the fact that the bullet is bouncing off walls, classic first person is probably off the table; I've already modified third person view so the camera is not always behind the bullet.

If you want to follow the development, check out the devlog and maybe this Trello board to see what's planned and what's finished.

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