Two years ago, the short-sighted sorcerer Nemárhaver has brewed up a potion that was supposed to cure any disease.

But he misread the name of a few ingredients and skipped a few steps during the process.

He tested the potion on a few sick people; it seemingly did not work.

Unfortunately, not only it did not cure them, they got infected with a deadly magical virus.

Four distinct variants of the magical virus spread like wildfire, killing hundreds every day for months now.

But not on your wizard watch!

Last night you managed to perfect the formula for four different potions that can instantly cure a specific variant of the diabolic disease.

Today, your task is to hurl the right potion from a safe distance towards infected townsfolk. Take care, because if you fail to cure one, they die! And if you have too many deaths on your hand, you're gonna get your magical medical license revoked and it's game over.

Good luck!

This game was made for Trijam #247, the theme was "Problem of capacity".

Graphical assets by Kenney / morgan3d:

Sounds were created using ChipTone by SFB Games:


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I streamed making this game live on Twitch, although with Hungarian commentary. Here’s the archived footage if anyone’s interested.