Update: exploding barrel, rule changes, bugfixes

What's new:

  • New placeable: exploding barrel. Acts as a platform (although it's affected by gravity), explodes when damaged by any projectile or another explosion.
  • Explosions now destroy all projectiles (grenades will explode!).
  • Shooting weapons is now allowed in safe zones and all projectiles pass through them as well, but still won't kill any players overlapping the safe zone.
  • Placeable walls now fall apart instead of fading out.
  • Saw blades won't take damage from arrows or pistol bullets.
  • New small TNT "countdown" sound.
  • Reduced weapon box spawn chance.
  • Bugfix: TNT "countdown" sounds were not stopped if the TNT was prematurely destroyed (eg. by another explosion or a projectile).
  • Bugfixes related to object shatter effects.


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Aug 05, 2021

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