Update: a bunch of small changes

We're back! We've participated in two game jams in the last two weekends, but in the next two weeks we're continuing development of this game with the hope to finish strictly gameplay related programming, graphics and sound effects and also implement a level selection menu, input binding and stuff like that.

What's new:

  • Modified level #3: four gaps at the edges and... more spikes ;)
  • All shards, dropped collectibles, dropped boxes and dropped/thrown weapons now get propelled by explosions.
  • Increased weapon throw impulses.
  • We've removed the box pickup sound for weapon boxes (each weapon will have a different pickup sound).
  • New sounds: grenade launcher fire, shotgun pickup.
  • Bugfix: when a collectible was delivered to a drop zone, the big score display sometimes showed the wrong player's collectible count.
  • Regression fix: player particle pixels didn't splatter the walls.


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Sep 24, 2021

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