Update: drop-in multiplayer, proximity barrels, major graphics update

What's new:

  • Drop-in multiplayer support: players are no longer automatically spawned on a level, they can enter by pressing jump.
  • Barrels will now start shaking when players are near them and will explode at one point (unless the players leave its proximity).
  • New spike graphics.
  • New wall graphics on level 3.
  • New weapon/projectile graphics: pistol, rocket launcher, rocket and grenade.
  • New shard graphics: saw blades, exploding barrel, grenade.
  • Picking up targets are now accompanied by an animated counter which shows the player's current target count in the player's color.
  • All in-game fonts are now "Press Start 2P" by the amazing Cody "CodeMan38" Boisclair.
  • New background image on all levels.
  • Box and blob enemy spawns are now animated.
  • Bugfix: activating a placed mine sometimes caused another mine in placement mode to explode, leaving the player in placement mode stuck.

Hotfix (2021-09-01 22:45): barrels could proximity-explode while in placement mode.


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Sep 01, 2021

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