Level Editor Mayhem (working title)

This is an early prototype of a 2D multiplayer platformer game, where players need to pick up randomly appearing targets and can also pickup boxes containing weapons, power-ups and objects they can place on the level to make the game easier or harder.

Main inspirations: Ultimate Chicken Horse, Super Crate Box, Speedrunners, Jump 'n Bump, Worms.

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Gamepad (Players 1-4)
Keyboard (Player 3)
Keyboard (Player 4)
Move player or placeable
D-pad or left analog stick
W/A/S/DNumpad 8/4/2/6
Jump / join game
AWNumpad 8
Toggle placement mode
XFNumpad 5
Rotate placeable (fine)
LT or RT
1 or 3
Numpad / or *
Rotate placeable (step)
LB or RBQ or ENumpad 7 or 9
Suicide (hold for a few seconds)
Numpad 0
Fire weapon
RBENumpad 9
Throw weapon
LBQNumpad 7

Current features:

  • 4 player local multiplayer PvP mayhem
  • Players can double jump, wall ride, wall slide and wall jump
  • Primary goal is to pick up randomly appearing collectibles (crowns) and transport them to randomly appearing drop zones (portals).
  • There are boxes containing placeable objects can be picked up and placed at any time by players:
    • Spinning saw blade (2 sizes): instantly kills players and NPCs, breaks down after a few hits
    • TNT (2 sizes): explodes after a few seconds destroying everything in its radius
    • Mine (2 sizes): explodes when touched by players or NPCs
    • Walls/platforms (2 sizes): can be used to reach places or trap your fellow players; self destructs after 10 seconds
    • Explosive and freezing barrels (they explode via player proximity or when hit by projectiles)
    • Projectile shooters
      • Crossbow: fires fast moving arrows that kills players, NPCs and detonates explosives.
      • Cannon: fires various spherical projectiles (beach ball, bowling ball, cannonball, 8-ball, coconut, soccer ball, basketball) that kill players, NPCs, detonate explosives and damage saw blades.
  • Also there are weapon boxes containing weapons with limited ammo:
    • Pistol: fires a fast moving bullet (10 rounds) that kills players, NPCs and detonates explosives.
    • Grenade launcher: fires a bouncy grenade (5 rounds, 2 second cooldown) that explodes after a few seconds or when hitting players, NPCs and placeables
    • Shotgun: fires a hail of projectiles (4 rounds, 0.8 second cooldown) which kill or destroy everything pistol bullets kill or destroy.
    • Rocket launcher: fires an accelerating rocket (3 rounds, 1.5 second cooldown) that explodes on impact killing / destroying everything in its radius.
  • Weapons can be thrown (away) and will kill enemies or players for a short while (and then disappear).
  • Players can also kill each other by head stomping each other
  • Four  levels with fixed spawn point and safe zone (where players are invincible).
  • Horizontal/vertical wrap: players, projectiles, boxes and weapons falling through the gaps at the edge of the level will re-enter from the other side
  • Scores/stats counting collectible deliveries, deaths and kills for each player
  • NPC enemies that kill players:
    • Blobs: slowly walking/stalling creatures who level up for 8 kills, then pop. They turn red, stop stalling and start jumping after 5 kills and self-destruct after 8 kills.
    • Ghosts: flying creatures wandering around the level randomly killing players instantly. They turn red gradually and will self-destruct after 4 kills.

Planned features for the release:

  • Configurable controls
  • Level selection screen
  • Gameplay customization (changing rules)

Planned long term features:

  • More levels, weapons, game modes and scoring mechanisms
  • Buffs & debuffs
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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Tags2D, Local multiplayer, Multiplayer, PvP
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller, Gamepad (any)
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 4

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